Tarot Card Readings

By Rita

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Accurate Psychic Tarot Card Readings by Rita. Past Present Future. A Tarot Card Reading is not fortune telling or magick, but offers advice on a personal level. It can be a mystical, spiritual, healing encounter. The path you choose today will map your tomorrow.


My name is Rita and I have been reading Tarot Cards for over thirty years. My readings are accurate and inspiring. If you need help making decisions in career moves, relationships, moving to a new residence or any changes in your lifestyle the cards can help with those decisions.


Tarot Card Readings are amazingly accurate and they also offer a look into the Past, help and insight in the Present, as well as a glimpse of the future, insights on life situations, help with careers, romance and family relationships.

There are many methods of divination. I have chosen the Celtic Cross which is a 10 card spread.This is an excellent spread for in-depth readings. It is very informative with much information and guidance.